02 Oktober 2013

PFW: Vionnet SS14 Ready-to-Wear Collection

via Style.com

This SS14 RTW collection designed by Goga Ashkenazi for Vionnet is really stunning, because it reflects a fresh, casual look with some sporty and elegant elements.
You can basically say that she used „50 shades of blue“ (also black, yellow, white, brown).

The cuts are really simple, but the drapage is amazing.
Some models wore a body (no shorts), which is sexy, but the bomberjackets gave them a sporty, casual look which reminded me immediately of my lack of activity lately.

The other looks (especially the dresses) were also quite nice, the drapage is so ingenious and simple. They underline the female body shape and create a wonderful silhouette. Somehow, they also remind of Greek goddesses with an oriental touch.

Another artwork was the make-up. Really, this simple eyeshadow (orange and yellow) build a strong contrast to the used color palette (especially the contrast to the color blue!).

Surprisingly, this contrast does not disturb the whole appearance of the collection, no, it runs like a golden thread through it. That is what I really like about this collection and I think it is really important that the collection is not only a mix of ideas but a whole picture.


Jenna Faith hat gesagt…

I just discovered your blog! I adore it! :) I’m definitely going to be reading frequently! Also, I just started a blog and it’d be amazing if you could check it out and give me suggestions? Thanks hun

xx Jenna

mai stor hat gesagt…

you have a lovely blog <3 i love it so much!! miranda looks amazing as always!
kisses ♥

Kristiana Vasarina hat gesagt…
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lucia m hat gesagt…

omg! love them!



Alarsup hat gesagt…

I love all those coats and when I see a blogger or whoever wearing them it seems so fashionable and cozy!
i want one but I don't know if it would suit me!
Can u visit my blog? I'm quite new: comment and if you like it follow!

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