13 Oktober 2013


TREND: Trends FW13/14

Céline via style.com

You already saw it on the runways: pastel coats.
I totally love pastel colors, they create a cute, cozy appearance. And that is the thing I love the most about it.
Problem is: I am not that kind of cute girly. I love manly shapes on coats because I think they make you look even sexier.
Thats my I am so happy that there is a combination of both: pastel colored men's coats!
For example this one:

Trussardi via style.com

What do you think?

02 Oktober 2013


PFW: Vionnet SS14 Ready-to-Wear Collection

via Style.com

This SS14 RTW collection designed by Goga Ashkenazi for Vionnet is really stunning, because it reflects a fresh, casual look with some sporty and elegant elements.
You can basically say that she used „50 shades of blue“ (also black, yellow, white, brown).

The cuts are really simple, but the drapage is amazing.
Some models wore a body (no shorts), which is sexy, but the bomberjackets gave them a sporty, casual look which reminded me immediately of my lack of activity lately.

The other looks (especially the dresses) were also quite nice, the drapage is so ingenious and simple. They underline the female body shape and create a wonderful silhouette. Somehow, they also remind of Greek goddesses with an oriental touch.

Another artwork was the make-up. Really, this simple eyeshadow (orange and yellow) build a strong contrast to the used color palette (especially the contrast to the color blue!).

Surprisingly, this contrast does not disturb the whole appearance of the collection, no, it runs like a golden thread through it. That is what I really like about this collection and I think it is really important that the collection is not only a mix of ideas but a whole picture.

01 Oktober 2013


Personal: Airfield Festival Holi in Colors 2013 Mendig

It was such an amazing weekend, really! I am so happy that I took 2 disposable cameras with me.

30 September 2013


FASHION: Isabel Marant x H&M 2013 / Minju Kim x H&M 2013

Isabel Marant x H&M, via Vogue.de

Minju Kim x H&M, via stylekingdom.com

I bet you have already seen all the pictures of the new collection that Isabel Marant designed for H&M, which will be launched online and in stores on November 14, 2013.

Surely, Marant includes her French roots in her collection for H&M, with a slight Boho touch.
She knows her craft, she knows how to add the right embroidery to her clothing, she knows how to design a collection for her own label.

But the thing she does not know is how to create something really stunning for H&M.
Let me be honest: there have been way better collections for H&M. To name some of them: Versace, Maison Martin Margiela. These houses did not particulary create something new in comparison to the other collections for their labels, but they did create something different in comparison to the other collections for H&M.

Marant's collection does not represent a huge difference to all the other clothes that can be found in any H&M store.

But the thing that is annoying me the most: the winner of the H&M Design Awards, Minju Kim, is left behind. Why? Because she created a very strong, funny collection which will also be launched in the H&M online store (October 18, 2013). But all the focus is on Isabel Marant x H&M, instead of Minju Kim, who has an innovative concept.

She brings back color to the normally black-white-gray fall wardrobe of basically every woman.
She pushes fashion on a younger, less severe level.

I love her collection.

29 September 2013


VIDEO: Alexander McQueen FW10 "The Horn of Plenty"

As a big fan of Alexander McQueen, I would like to remember you of the amazing artwork that this very special designer created in his lifetime.

This FW collection is such a gorgeous one, even though it may be labelled as „ugly“ by most people who are not able to understand this kind of beauty.
Some critics accused McQueen of misogyny, because the lipstick and the trashy looks of the models could have suggested it. In my opinion, this is not true, because even though he did alot of controversial collections, he always had the vision of creating something different, something strange.

Especially the music is so meaningful. I mean, at the end you hear a heartbeat. Then it ends. Life ended. But then, you hear some heaven-sounds. Wow.

I really admire Alexander McQueen for what he did, and nobody can make me think differently.
He is one of my favorite designers, and always will be.
Rest in Peace, my love.

28 September 2013


PFW: Yang Li SS14 Ready-to-Wear Collection

via style.com

The shoes, the shoes, the shoes! The shoes were the thing that made me fall in love with this collection.
Instead of the classic heels or fancy shoes, Li let the models wear Vans. This is a real statement for the sporty, edgy look which implies a fresh and young attitude. They remind me of the classic street styles. All Vans were black and fitted perfectly to the clothes that were presented on the runway.

In general, Yang Li used a limited color palette including blacks, khakis, whites and nude tones, which gives the collection a grown-up yet sophisticated touch. The shapes reached from oversize, baggy to the classic, female form with long waist belts. With the oversized shapes, Li is restarting the era of big shapes and coolness.

Especially the Jacquard pattern attracts the attention because they are totally different to the motorcycle jackets that the models were carrying as an addition to the look they were presenting.
These motorcycles are a big plus since it underlines the sporty attitude and are in-style now.

Something striking was: the models were crying! They were definitely intended.
In my opinion, Li used the tears to show the ambivalence between being sad at a very young age. It can stand for the mistreatment of children, for their desperation, no great future in sight.

For me, this collection is a very strong one.

27 September 2013


PFW: Zuhair Murad FW13 Couture Collection

via style.com

When I first watched the runway show online, I was mightily impressed by the looks that Zuhair Murad presented at Paris Fashion Week 2013. When I watched the runway show another time, I fell inevitably in love with this Haute Couture collection. I have always been a big fan of Zuhair Murad, but this collection pushed my love for this couturier to another level.

The dresses looked like they were just taken out of a winter-wonderland fairy tale and out right on the Parisian runway. With light blue, dark emerald, gold, dark red and classic black and white, Zuhair Murad created a collection that is more than just stunning.

As already known from his previous collections, he loves to use as much glitter and as many gems as possible to make the woman who wears his high quality evening gowns feel like a princess, no, like a goddess.

Even though his designs might seem a bit boring to some people because they assume they look similar, I represent the opinion that every one of his designs is a special one. I mentally connect his looks with emotions and memories, which make me philosophize my whole life. Especially the FW13 collection represents my dream of a having a dream – sounds strange.

My favorite piece of the collection is the black overall, which slightly gives the impression of wearing a morphsuit. It is so special and has such a simple yet elegant appearance. Another one of my favorite - and also the most stunning dress – is the white one at the end of the show. It has so much opulence, it is incredible.