29 September 2013

VIDEO: Alexander McQueen FW10 "The Horn of Plenty"

As a big fan of Alexander McQueen, I would like to remember you of the amazing artwork that this very special designer created in his lifetime.

This FW collection is such a gorgeous one, even though it may be labelled as „ugly“ by most people who are not able to understand this kind of beauty.
Some critics accused McQueen of misogyny, because the lipstick and the trashy looks of the models could have suggested it. In my opinion, this is not true, because even though he did alot of controversial collections, he always had the vision of creating something different, something strange.

Especially the music is so meaningful. I mean, at the end you hear a heartbeat. Then it ends. Life ended. But then, you hear some heaven-sounds. Wow.

I really admire Alexander McQueen for what he did, and nobody can make me think differently.
He is one of my favorite designers, and always will be.
Rest in Peace, my love.


Lauren hat gesagt…

Yes, he was pure genius!

Lauren at adorn la femme

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