28 September 2013

PFW: Yang Li SS14 Ready-to-Wear Collection

via style.com

The shoes, the shoes, the shoes! The shoes were the thing that made me fall in love with this collection.
Instead of the classic heels or fancy shoes, Li let the models wear Vans. This is a real statement for the sporty, edgy look which implies a fresh and young attitude. They remind me of the classic street styles. All Vans were black and fitted perfectly to the clothes that were presented on the runway.

In general, Yang Li used a limited color palette including blacks, khakis, whites and nude tones, which gives the collection a grown-up yet sophisticated touch. The shapes reached from oversize, baggy to the classic, female form with long waist belts. With the oversized shapes, Li is restarting the era of big shapes and coolness.

Especially the Jacquard pattern attracts the attention because they are totally different to the motorcycle jackets that the models were carrying as an addition to the look they were presenting.
These motorcycles are a big plus since it underlines the sporty attitude and are in-style now.

Something striking was: the models were crying! They were definitely intended.
In my opinion, Li used the tears to show the ambivalence between being sad at a very young age. It can stand for the mistreatment of children, for their desperation, no great future in sight.

For me, this collection is a very strong one.


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Great post! Totally love the photos :)

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Answer: Well thank you! :) I work at a clothing store that sells great swedish brands like House of Dagmar, Rodebjer & Carin Wester. We’re placed in Sundsvall/Sweden in an old dans-hall from the 50's!

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What a lovely post!

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This is so great!

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