30 September 2013

FASHION: Isabel Marant x H&M 2013 / Minju Kim x H&M 2013

Isabel Marant x H&M, via Vogue.de

Minju Kim x H&M, via stylekingdom.com

I bet you have already seen all the pictures of the new collection that Isabel Marant designed for H&M, which will be launched online and in stores on November 14, 2013.

Surely, Marant includes her French roots in her collection for H&M, with a slight Boho touch.
She knows her craft, she knows how to add the right embroidery to her clothing, she knows how to design a collection for her own label.

But the thing she does not know is how to create something really stunning for H&M.
Let me be honest: there have been way better collections for H&M. To name some of them: Versace, Maison Martin Margiela. These houses did not particulary create something new in comparison to the other collections for their labels, but they did create something different in comparison to the other collections for H&M.

Marant's collection does not represent a huge difference to all the other clothes that can be found in any H&M store.

But the thing that is annoying me the most: the winner of the H&M Design Awards, Minju Kim, is left behind. Why? Because she created a very strong, funny collection which will also be launched in the H&M online store (October 18, 2013). But all the focus is on Isabel Marant x H&M, instead of Minju Kim, who has an innovative concept.

She brings back color to the normally black-white-gray fall wardrobe of basically every woman.
She pushes fashion on a younger, less severe level.

I love her collection.


Isabella hat gesagt…

Ugh, obsessed with this collection! I'm so happy Isabel Marant is finally accessible/affordable. I'll definitely be picking up a thing or two...Isabella xx

Laura Dittrich (Fashion Landscape) hat gesagt…

Minju Kim's collection does look innovative and very different, though I am not sure if it is as wearable, but you are right: it DOES deserve more attention. However, it is like that in everything, meaning that the most popular win the most attention even if they wear/design trashbags.

I do like a couple of pieces from Marant collection from H&M, though (the leather pants and the fluffly jumper), but that is all. :) x

Fashion Landscape

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The Marcy Stop hat gesagt…

Great pics! I love disposable cameras too :)
xx, M


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